Monday, March 21, 2011

Cebu Pacific Goes Lite

CEB goes Lite on all fares

Pushes for light travel, prepaid check-in baggage

Starting April 1, Cebu Pacific (PSE:CEB), the country’s largest airline, will offer Lite Fares on all flights. These Lite Fares exclude free baggage allowance, but are reduced by as much as 33% to continue encouraging travel, tourism and trade.

Domestic flights are lowered by as much as P350, and international flights are lowered by as much as P800.
Under Lite Fares, which permanently replaces the popular ‘Go Lite’ fares, CEB passengers have to avail of Prepaid Baggage Allowance, similar to pre-paid cellular loads, if they want to check in bags.
Passengers on domestic flights can choose between Small for 15 kilos (P150), Standard for 20 kilos (P250), Medium for 25 kilos (P450) and Large for 30 kilos (700).

Meanwhile, passengers on international flights can choose between Small for 15 kilos (P350), Standard for 20 kilos (P500), Medium for 25 kilos (P750) and Large for 30 kilos (1,000).

Those with excess kilos upon checking-in at the airport will pay P150 per kilo for domestic flights and from P250-P600 per kilo for international flights, depending on the distance of the destination.

Checked-in bags without Prepaid Baggage Allowance will be charged P400 for the first 15 kilos and every excess kilo will be charged according to standard excess baggage rates. Hand-carried bags are still allowed, but limited to 7 kilos.

“We found that there’s room for even lower fares because of our efficiency, and we are passing it on to our passengers. The Prepaid Baggage Allowance will encourage light travel, and make the check-in process and airport operations faster and easier to manage,” said Candice Iyog, vice president for marketing and distribution.

She added, “This is a standard low-cost carrier (LCC) practice all over the world. In fact, the cost of CEB’s Prepaid Baggage options is up to 67% less than other LCCs. We will continue to find innovative ways to continue offering CEB’s trademark low fares, and flexible travel options for the benefit of our passengers.”
CEB continues to differentiate itself in the Philippine aviation industry by being the first to offer e-ticketing, Fun Games and seat selection. The airline, Asia’s third largest low-cost carrier and the Philippines’ largest airline, was also the first to offer Web Check-In services and Travel Fund options for all its flights.


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